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Dr. Sartz has been successfully treating peripheral neuropathy for over 10 years.  He is now able to offer life-time care for peripheral neuropathy with a 90 percent success rate.

Dr. Sartz has been involved with peripheral neuropathy on a personal and professional level for over 50 years. It was his personal experience that lead him to look for a way to treat peripheral neuropathy in his professional life. It took him over 21 years to discover an actual treatment for neuropathy that was effective. During his search, he discovered one thing, that is still true today, anyone states they have a cure for Peripheral Neuropathy, truly has no concept of the disease process itself. Peripheral neuropathy at this point in health care is incurable, but it is treatable, reversible and controllable for over 90 percent of the people that suffer with it. Peripheral neuropathy is a secondary disease process, that is it was caused by something else, it could be a toxin, metabolic disorder, vitamin deficiency or one of 100 other known causes, but it did not develop on its own. Thus, to cure it, we must cure the cause and 40 percent of the time the cause is unidentified and the neuropathy sufferer is diagnosed with idiopathy neuropathy, but again it is treatable. 

Diabetics make up 30 percent of peripheral neuropathy sufferers, he discovered early on in his treatment for neuropathy that diabetics with high blood sugars did not respond to the neuropathy treatment. Many of these type 2 diabetics were following exactly what they were told by their medical doctor. They ate the way they were told and took their medications as directed, but were unable to control their blood sugar levels on a day to day basis. This set him off to pursue a way to help these individuals control their blood sugars so he could treat their peripheral neuropathy. He discovered research done in England in 2011 that proved that type 2 diabetes could actually be reversed thus reducing or eliminate their medications, not just their diabetic medications, but all their medications. He has developed a program for diabetes reversal, based on the research done in England and other research done over the past 6 years that has proven to be effective for people to reverse diabetes improving overall health by increasing kidney function, decreasing neuropathy symptoms, blood pressure, and weight that can lead to an increase in life expectancy of over 10 years.  

Dr. Sartz has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education classes pertaining to peripheral neuropathy treatment and type 2 diabetes. He has become one of the leading authorities related to peripheral neuropathy in the southwest. He became a Certified Member of NeuroTCA in October 2008, a non-profit international organization dedicated to treating and eliminating peripheral neuropathy. He has successfully treated 1000’s of patients over the past 10 years and continues to educate himself so he can continue to give his patients the most up to date treatments available today. There are so many different programs being promoted to help sufferers of peripheral neuropathy and type 2 diabetics, Dr. Sartz offers free workshops throughout the year for people who suffer with these debilitating diseases to better understand, the disease process itself and how to best control them. He recommends that all his patients attend one of these workshops before becoming a patient.  

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